17 pictures that will show you why Alberta, Canada is amazing

Lately, I’ve been going on and on (and on) about how much I love Canada. Pretty much just because it is sooo true. Also, I was wondering if I should write a post about the province  I know quite well by now and that is Alberta.
But a problem occurred, how to put something so wonderful in few words. An article?

After I gave it some thought, I decided to show you what I mean in pictures. After all, it is well known that each picture is worth a thousand words. Even though it is just  seventeen pictures and that is nowhere near around being enough, I am pretty sure you’ll get the point!

All of these pictures below were taken with my phone and there is no Photoshop involved. Partially because my PS skills are still very poor at this point and partially because hey, Alberta needs no photo-shopping.  😀

Beautiful sunset above small town of Drayton Valley.
1. Because sunsets are amazing. Even in the smallest, tiny tiny towns, it is enough to look up and you will be mesmerized.


Every cheesecake lover will understand.
2. The Cheesecake Cafe, Edmonton. No further comment needed.


Albertans seem to like breakfast food. My kinda people.
3. As someone who absolutely adores breakfast food, I am happy that here people understand me. Omelettes with veggies, toasts, pancakes, banana bread. All there.


Picture taken on a kike somewhere after Nordegg.
4. Insane beauty of Rockies. Every. Single. Corner. Of. It.


Notes like this are pretty common in Alberta.
5. Humor!


Picture taken on an August day, driving to Jasper, national park
6. Colors, colors, colors. All of them.


And if you came close, you'd see how crazy clear water is.
7. How cool is this little glacier lake in Jasper area? Very cool, yes.


You can see dears on a perking lot of a grocery store, no problem.
8. Wildlife. Just casually lounging around.


Clouds touching the Rockies and vice versa....
9. This fella casually having lunch right under amazing view of the mountains


If you are driving from Jasper to Banff, Athabasca falls are definitely worth seeing.
10.  Entrance to Athabasca falls, on a rainy, misty day.


Picture taken on Columbia icefields. Also on the way from Jasper to Banff.
11. Or you can go for a casual walk on a glacier. Yep, blue snow.


Even though it was raining and I was excited to see Lake Louise, I couldn't resist to stop for a few snaps.
12. Taken on the ride to Lake Louise. Water along the whole ride has this amazing color.


According to many, Louise the most beautiful lake in the world.
13. I think when it comes to Lake Louise, no further comments are needed.


Banff is for sure one of my favorite places in the world. And lake Minnewanka is just one of many parts of it.
14. Even minions liked lake Minnewanka, in Banff, national park.


Apart from Gondola, there are lift chairs that give you some amazing views of Banff too. :)
15. View of Banff, after a ride with a Sky Gondola to the (almost) top of the mountain.


Beautifull autumn colors of Jasper with Rockies in the back.
16. Jasper on a unusually sunny day in September.


Picture take just outside town of Edson.
17. In the autumn time, even the most usual ride from one place to the other is a special experience.

Well, here they are. Just few of many. I hope you enjoyed them and rested your eyes at least a bit.

Until next time, smiles all around!


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