Even back in the day, before all  these travels, when I had nothing but a pocket full of dreams (and a six pack! but those days are long gone), I was dreaming about travelling to all these amazing countries. I wanted to see Paris, city of love. I wanted to walk on amazing beaches in Bali. I wanted to party in Ibiza. Like many, many of you, I had a wishlist somewhere in the back of my mind.
Right now, as I am sat by the window, wearing my super cool onesie to stay warm, and freshly fallen snow on amazing Canadian ground catches my eye, I am ashamed to say-In those days, Canada was never on my list.

But, God, I love Canada now! I love it in so many ways, with so much affection that when I talk about it, it is as almost as I am talking about my child. As a matter of fact, I kept postponing to write about Canada because I just have too much respect for this country and I didn’t want to disrespect it with a not so great or average post.

What makes it so much more interesting is that it is not a country of beaches and cocktails with umbrellas, like the ones I used to dream about. It is a cold country. Full of people with warm heart. It is a country of opportunities and hard work at the same time. It is a place where, for some reason, I felt like I was home as soon as I landed here.

Beautiful walk through a small town of Drayton Valley, Alebrta, Canada.
Taken on one of my first days in Alberta, Canada. Small town in all it’s charm.

No wonder I keep coming back!

Naturally, as it goes, when you spend some time in a place you like, you get attached to it and it leaves a trace on you. Lately people have been teasing me that I am turning into a real Canadian. Very flattering, I must say.

But when I sat down with myself and thought it through, I realized some of my preferences changed in a very unusual… Canadian way. So, errrmmm, ok, I guess I do have a Canadian part of personality now.

Let’s see what brought me to this conclusion and what are the signs I am turning into a real, Albertan Canadian.

Big hoods are... Well, they are the greatest.
My friend Brit and me and our love for big hoods.


1.I use word “eh” in the end of a sentence when I ask a question. And it infiltrated into my vocabulary so fast. Funny little word, eh?

2. I now measure distance in hours, not in kilometers. Calgary is about five hours from where I am now.

3. I am making peace with automatics. Even though I still feel like the real charm in driving is in standard cars.

4. Trucks. Are. Sexy.

I swear, Canadian clouds are special.
My newly discovered love for trucks and Canadian clouds.

5. I understand it is perfectly normal to end up in the ditch every now and then. You can’t be an experienced driver if you haven’t experience the charm of a ditch at least once or twice.

6. I am attending hockey matches with a lot of passion and I am loving this sport in all it’s dynamics, passion and… Violence.

7. I now feel like it is perfectly normal to see a dear walking across Wal-mart’s parking lot.

As I love love love animals, stuff like this make me so happy!
You can see wildlife pretty much everywhere in Alberta and that is one of my favorite things about it.

8. I have learned that squirrels and raccoons  seem cute, but in fact they are crazy ass animals. Pure evil.

9. I am thinking of Mexico as a natural choice for my next vacation destination.

10. Part of my daily struggles and depression is when I rip the lid on my Tim Hortons too deep/far in.

But still tastes amazing!
Not so well done. Again.

11. Today  I got overly excited that Timmy’s got Christmas cups.

12. I call Tim Hortons Timmy’s.

13. I now know steak is acceptable as every meal of the day. Breakfast too, yes.

14. Even though I find gravy not so great when I am sober, I find it divine when… Not so sober.

15. I know what rye is.

16. I know that Burt Reynolds is not a person. It is a shot. (Yes, I know it is a person too, ok?)

17. Even though I used to hate winter and couldn’t imagine myself doing ANY winter sports, my priority for this winter is to learn snowboarding.

18. …and every single friend of mine that lives here has an equipment I can borrow.

Picture taken somewhere past Nordegg, after a sleepless night.
Very meaningful moment right there! My first trip to Canadian Rockies.

19. I have also became a big fan of mountains as they give me peace and rest my eyes. When I was young and dumb, I considered them somewhat boring.

20. I am now very happy when I end up in random chit chats with strangers while crossing the street or while I am stood in a queue in a grocery store. It doesn’t matter if it is weather, sports or something else. Back home people would think I am going insane if I did that. So sad.

21. I am no longer buying pretty footwear. Just warm, comfy stuff. ‘Cause you can’t really walk through snow in high heels, can ya?

I always have time to be silly.
Picture taken on a golf course, near Seba beach. Another beautiful places with pretty, pretty weekend houses.

22. I now find people who work in oil patch sexy. There is something about a hard working man, who is not scared to get dirty.

23. …or get a bunch of tattoos. I re-discovered my love for tattoos here. As you seem very outlandish if you’ve got none.

24. I stopped wining about the cold.

25. I have learn that football is football and it is not soccer. Nobody watches soccer.

26. I know the menu at Original Joe’s by heart.

27. Not only that I now know many country singers, I like some of them.

I do have a thing for cowboy boots now.
Real man is a problem solver. And cowboys are real men.

28. I find cowboys sexy.

29. I am thinking of learning to two-step. No joke.

30. I now apologize on a daily basis. I even apologize to people who apologize to me. Soon I expect to be apologizing to walls if I run into them by accident.

31. I have learned to be and to love outdorsy stuff. Sitting at home while this beautiful nature is around you is just completely unacceptable.

Colorful Lake Louise is one of my fav places in Canada.
Saved the best for last. You can not disagree about this being simply stunning. Lake Louise, Alberta. Crazy beautiful.

Wow, this list just went on and on. Ha! Hope you had fun reading this. I sure had fun writing it down!

If you wish to add anything that makes you very Canadian, please do so in the comments below.

Until next time, lots of kisses and smiles all around,






  1. Another thing that make you Canadian, you have hit a deer at least once or been in a vehicle that’s hit one. Another good one is eating ice cream and its minus 30 outside.

  2. We in Vancouver call Toronto “the big smoke”.
    The Rockies is our border to the rest of Canada, and Vancouver is what we call Lotusland….. No snow.

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