If you are a foodie like me, when you travel to a new place, you get excited about new foods just as much as about historical sights and other fun activities. If you are a foodie with a sweet tooth, Vienna is the place for you.

When I was heading to Vienna in January, I have to admit I didn’t expect to like it all that much. In my mind there was this castle to visit (I do like castles), there was Wiener Schnitzel to try (not a fan of veal) and ta-daaa, famous Sacher cake.

Let me just tell you briefly: Vienna is much more!

This is me, tryin' to play it cool in Vienna. But not really knowing where I am.
Turns out there is a lot to do and discover in Vienna!

Even though I tried many cakes while I was in Vienna (It is heaven for cakes. I strongly recommend Mozart cake from the cafe in the castle as well), I think it is only fair I say few words about Sacher since they are so proud of it that they even have a National Sachertorte day, which is on December 5th. As a matter of fact, this sweet thang is so popular that it was a matter of a legal dispute at some point.

Sacher cake is made of chocolate sponge cake in few layers, with apricot jam in between and dark chocolate layer.
Sacher cake, basically the most favorite chocolate cake in Europe.

Sacher cake is made of chocolate sponge cake in few layers, with apricot jam in between and dark chocolate layer and is usually served with whipped cream. It was invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 while he was working for Prince Wenzel von Metternich. However, the person who perfected it, was his son Eduard, while working for Demel bakery. A problem occurred when both Cafe Sacher and Demel Cafe tried to claim their cake as an original. This went back and forth for a while, but to make long story short, court decided that Cafe Sacher can call their cake Original Sacher cake and Demel Cafe can call it Eduard-Sacher-Torte.

Like a real cake lover, I went to both places, as they are both super popular and highly recommended, tried both cakes and here is what I have to say!


A place attached to the hotel, looks so nice and fancy from the outside, I was scared they won’t let me in in my Timberlands. But, not only they’ve let me in, but the they were all super nice. Very friendly, chatty and multi-culti staff. If you check their website you can see the interior design. It is so… Austrian. 😀 Also, ladies that work there (servers) are dressed as French maids, which I thought was super cute.

Little sneak peak into the Sacher Cafe in Vienna, Austria
Interior of Sacher caffe. Very old school and very likeable.

Soooo, the cake! It definitely met my expectations. Yummy, not dry even a bit, with whipped cream. I also had chocolate with Sacher liqueur which tasted amazing!

I have to admit, I tried a bit of Apple strudel and it was also warm, yummy and crunchy.

All in all, a true Sacher experience which I enjoyed  a lot.

IMG_20160109_202616 (2)
Real Austrian experience! Sacher cake and Apple strudel. With hot chocolate with Sacher liqeur and Coffee with whiskey.


Now, I take the full blame on myself for going there after few days of constantly eating delicious things, so I was quite full that evening. Still, this is a place I would recommend as a take away. Here is why.

As soon as we went in, we were escorted to the first floor where we were just left standing in the queue for ten minutes or so. Now, I don’t mind waiting, but it is not something I wanna be doing while I am going into a Cafe. Especially if I don’t have a place to sit while I am waiting. Because of walking all day and not sleeping too much, I got light headed. However, I tried being patient because waiting usually means something good. Nobody would ever stand in the queue for a bad cake.

So, when we finally sat down, and ordered, I got the cake without cream. Now, this is not end of the world, but I wish somebody at least asked. Cake was very good, and apart from cream, I don’t really know if I could say which one was better-Original or Eduard Sacher one. Apple strudel was also good.

Yummy apple studel (another traditional sweet from Austria) and Sacher cake.
Sacher cake and apple strudel in Demel Cafe

What I thoroughly enjoyed was crazy beautiful designs of cakes placed around the cafe. Sultans, princess and similar characters. They make pure art there. Also, you can purchase small pieces of that same art at their confectionary store downstairs. Great for souvenirs.

You have a little peak at their kitchen as you walk up, too.

Greta design of a cake in Demel cafe
Yes, this is a cake!

What I didn’t enjoy was that it was just a bit too crowded, too sped up. Which was visible when we had to wait to find somebody to give us the bill.


Both places mean good cake and it the end of the day, that is the point, right? I see why they both have a long tradition and why are they a brand. However, I vote for Cafe Sacher. But I am pretty sure you’ve noticed that already. 🙂

Smiles all around!


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