Oh, wow. It has been two weeks since my last post. It has been almost three months since I opened this blog and it seems to me that 2015 has past in the blink of an eye. Time flies. Fast.  I hope you are having amazing holidays, no matter what your co-ordinates are.

If you are like me and  you are a bit of a romantic/dramatic soul that is all for changes and extremes, you probably like to get inspired. In order to do that I read, watch beautiful movies, read (travel) blogs and… Instagram.

For quite a while I resisted Instagram. I thought it was just for professional photographers and teenage girls taking selfies. Then I thought it was for hipsters (giggle). All in all, I thought I don’t really need it or want it.

But after I opened my blog, Instagram seemed like a must have so I dived into IG world and… Oh, boy, was I surprised! Since day one, Instagram has been a part of my daily meditation, along with adult coloring books (do not laugh).  Every single day, I sit with a cup of coffee or tea and scroll through amazing photos and videos of people with whom I do or do not share interests. Up until now, I got depressed like 72 times because of amount of stuff I still need to learn about photography.

All jokes aside, Instagram has been an inspiration in past few months. Beautiful people doing amazing things-paragliding, snowboarding, jumping of cliffs, bungee jumping, holding lions cubs,  exploring hidden (or less hidden) gems of our precious planet. It feeds my wanderlust while I am resting and reminds me how blessed I am while I am on the road.

So I figured, I should list my favorite Instagramers (in absolutely no particular order, of course, lol) with you and maybe you get inspired to do something amazing and memorable.

LOKI THE WOLFDOG (IG: loki_the_wolfdog )

I knew who Loki is looong before I even had Instragram. He has been mentioned in many, many articles and by now, he is a bit of celebrity.

Well, I am a sucker for dogs (and Marvel comics) and just like the name of the account says, Loki is one very unusual (and pretty!) dog. Of course, Loki’s photography skills are not really on point so he has a great human friend that he takes on adventures. Two of them make an awesome team and if any account on IG will make your day, this is the one.

5 star hotel. But I can’t find the bellboy. @tentree #tentree

A photo posted by Breakin’ Hearts Since 2012 (@loki_the_wolfdog) on


BK (IG: bekayshow )

Who says there is no more real cowboys? This guy right here is a living proof that is not true.

Even though I might be a bit bias here because of my love for Alberta, I strongly suggest you check his photos. Besides great pictures of Albertan nature, there is a lot of horses, cowboy hats, trucks and, of course, a pretty lady. Love it.

Cowboys & Angels #Alberta | #Ford | #TaylorsBooty

A photo posted by BK (@bekayshow) on


CHRISTINE PULLIAM COLE (IG: christinepulliam )

This pretty lady from Florida is a little bit of everything you’d like to see on Instagram. She is a model, she is into fitness, likes outdoors and does a lot of fishing and hunting. Also she has a cute, cute dog and a beautiful husband she got married to not so long ago. Wearing cowboy boots. My kinda girl.

So, if you are into variety and love stories written somewhere out in the nature, that’s your kinda girl too.


YELDAH (IG: beautiful.bibliophile)

This young Canadian is my recent discovery, but I spy on her profile daily. Avid reader with a good eye for Canon moments and pretty good taste in books.

Obviously, her IG is not so much about traveling but about other passion we have in common and that is reading. She describes herself as a tea enthusiast, Slytherin and Stark. Keeping her private life private, she still manages to inspire me daily. Sometimes to learn more about photography, sometimes to consider crazy things like doing book photo challenge.

YOU DID NOT SLEEP THERE (IG: youdidnotsleepthere)

Even though I wanted to keep this post about individuals, I just simply could no skip this account. They describe themselves as a place where they celebrate Instagram’s most illogical campsites and that is very, very true.

As someone who finds any kind of camping very courageous, you can only imagine what it does to my mind seeing people camping on top of a cliff, waterfall or putting up hammocks hanging of an iceberg. Sometimes it leaves me in shock, sometimes in disbelief, but always inspired.

If you believe million stars tent is a better place than five star hotel, you’ll love this.

5 kajillion billion trillion star hotel. #youdidnotsleepthere • photo @daniel_ernst

A photo posted by @youdidnotsleepthere on

69 degrees north (IG: 69_degrees_north)

Another account I fell in love instantly! If you are not big fan of winter and snow, 69 degrees  will change your mind. Inger and Tor are an unusual couple who moved to Alberta (yes, yes, Alberta again) and since then, they have been having fun all over. They share my love for wildlife, dogs and pretty sights covered with snow.

Also, there is some serious photography skills involved so therefore, I guarantee you-you’ll be mind blown.


ALYSSA RAMOS (IG: mylifesatravelmovie )

Oh, Alyssa is one of a kind! Looks like a model, and thinks like a badass.

This 27 year old left LA and all the glamorous parties she was attending to call the world home. One of my favorite travel bloggers, determined and strong. Just recently she hiked the Machu Picchu trail, which is on my bucket list, so I am sure you will understand why I spy on her profile and everything she writes and posts more than often.

YOUNG ADVENTURES aka LIZ (IG: youngadventuress )

Another amazing young travel blogger (and one of my personal favs) that chose a backpack over an office suit. Humble and cute, with amazing pictures all over her IG.

This young American is currently in New Zealand and if anyone made my desire to explore land of Kiwis grow, it was her. Also, she is my constant reminder that I actually need to buy a proper camera and start learning. Yep, when I grow up, I wanna be just like Liz.

Also, if you thought there is nothing to see in Mongolia, Liz will change your mind, without suffocating you with hashtags at any given time.

BE MY TRAVEL MUSE (IG: bemytravelmuse)

Another solo female traveler crush of mine. Kristin is a former investment banker but  now she seems more like a professional photographer and story teller to me.

If my previous suggestion of snow covered mountains are not your cuppa tea, Kristin will provide some stunning pics from SEA that will make you pack your suitcases and go… Like, ten minutes ago. Her last unusual destination was Mozambique, and let me tell you this: it was Wow. Capital W.


ANNA EVERYWHERE (IG: anna.everywhere)

When you look at her IG account, I am sure you won’t mind I kept an accent on solo female travelers and if you like luxury travels and photos, then you might even thank me.

This cute little redhead is actually Polish, but has a Harvard degree and looks great in dresses. She had a turbulent 2015, taken gazillion of flights and as a result she got an amazing account full of inspiring photos.


TravelFREAK Jeremy (IG: travelfreak_)

Whether it is SEA temples, Puerto Rico beaches or places in my beautiful Balkans, Jeremy’s camera always seems to be ready. With a beautiful smile and a wanderlust that is still strong after five years of traveling, this guy’s account is a real treat.

Also, he has been featured by The New York Times and National Geographic. Should I say more?


Exploring the artsy streets of #Budapest with @alternativebudapest ??

A photo posted by Jeremy Scott Foster ✈️ (@travelfreak_) on

JASON CHARLES HILL (IG: jasoncharleshill)

One of the first accounts I started following on Instagram and definitely one of those that made me realize that a good photo can awake so many feelings in me.

This young Australian has absolutely no fear of new places and situations. Also, what I appreciate about him is that there is never too much Photoshop involved. Just pure adventure and love for exploration. Well done, sir.

BRANDON SHARPE (IG: brandonexplores)

What you need to know about Brandon is that he has super powers. I am not even joking. Because I really honestly don’t know how to explain photos on his Instragram. I thought of going with “absolutely no fear of heights” and “really brave” but that just seemed waaay too mellow.

Living on the edge (literally), he brings awesome shots of cities and untouched nature both. If I had to chose my favorite Instagramer, it would be a real battle between this gentleman and Loki The Wolfdog.


I have had the pleasure of doing a lot of crazy things over the last couple of years, and I just feel extremely lucky to be able to be granted these opportunities through my photography. I’ve been sifting through photos from my last year and getting some things organized for some articles and etc, and came across a batch of photos that I really wish I would of been able to post the full frame shot, instead of the square ratio we all have grown to know so well. So here’s a shot I took where I just really felt the full frame had a greater impact than the square. A moment that actually had me nervous for once. With that said I am off to Utah with the great @thee1ginger where we will be exploring all that we can while out west. See yah soon Utah! #exploremore

A photo posted by Brandon Sharpe (@brandonexplores) on

BROOKE WILSON (IG: brookewilson)

Well, I kinda felt like I need to add another Canadian to the list. 🙂 Not just because of my love for Canada and Canadian Rockies (I am on the same page with her about that, for sure) but because of the message this young lady is sending.

Brooke is trying to explain how important it is go outside and connect with the nature. Snowboarding, hiking, or just being outside, she makes sure you know it is a therapy. I strongly agree.

TARA MILK TEA (IG: taramilktea)

It would be unacceptable that this list goes without any food. So, I present you Tara Milk Tea. A young lady from Sidney that is pretty much a definition of word “creative”.

With a lot of sense for details and colors (oh, her pics are SO colorful!) she always brightens my day. Sometimes it is bagels, sometimes cookies, sometimes pancakes… But she always know what she is doing. Oh, did I mention she likes to travel too?

Beating the heat with these chocolate strawbs by the Burj Khalifa ?? @MyDubai #MyDubai

A photo posted by Tara Milk Tea ? (@taramilktea) on


So, there it is, my lovelies. List of brilliant people with brilliant skills and stories being told through photos. I am pretty sure you can find at least something for yourself on it.

…and if you like to add me on IG, it is happyfeetana

Untill next time, lots of love and hugs and wishes for happy holidays,



P.S. Don’t forget to smile!

2 thoughts on “FAVORITE INSTAGRAMERS IN 2015

  1. Hey Ana,

    i just dusted my Instagram account last weekend after years of not using it, because a friend motivated me. And then your list was the perfect beginner guide to cool traveling pics. I loooove Loki! xD
    best wishes from Mainz

    1. Ahhh, everyone loves Loki. I am actually thinking of doing another list. So thank you for a positive feedback!

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