My Bucket List

My dear ones,

I believe every single one of us needs to have a bucket list of his own. Just to remind himself (or herself) where are they headed and what is important to them. It honestly doesn’t matter if your list had 10 or 110 points. As long as you stick to it.

So here is mine. Yes, it is (almost) all about travels! (Surprise, surprise) It is a long one, but I have time and I like to think that I have patience.





Finally learn all the miracles of Word and Word Press (will have to do courses)
Do a photography course
Conquer Photoshop (another course?)
Do a writing course (course, course, course)
Do a yoga/stretch trip to a cool destination
Get my TEFL
Get all the licenses for tour guide work
Actually do some tour guide work (outside Croatia)
Publish my work in at least one respectable magazine/website (Huffington post, pick me, pick me!!!)
Brush up on my German
Start to learn a third language (possibly Spanish)
Do a laser on my eyes for the sake of all my adventures
Learn to actually cook (possibly this Thai food I am crazy about)
Joing Travel Blog Success
Go to at least one TBEX
Create a vlog
One day far away, write a book about my travels
Volunteer in at least two countries
Work or volunteer in an elephant sanctuary
Learn snow-boarding
Learn scuba diving
Do a bungee jump (nope, still haven’t)
Go skydiving (yes, I have a thing for adrenalin)
Hear Aaron Lewis performing live (no matter where, when or how)


See a moose with my own eyes (Canada, obviously)
See Northern lights
Visit 5 biggest Canada’s citties (2/5)
See Lake Lousie
Do the Great Bear Rainforest tour (BC, Canada)
Experience Empire State of Mind (NY)
…and go bobsleding at Lake Placid while in NY
Visit Alaska
Climb a mountain
Travel the Europe on a motor-cycle (first get a licence to ride bikes, I guess)
Do a big, big road-trip over States
Teach English with my TEFL in at least three different places
Go to the top of Burj Khalifa
See Doha Skyline
Go back to UAE and visit Abu Dhabi
Visit Iceland
See the Eiffel tower
Go to Disneyland
Visit Neuschwanstein castle in Germany
Visit Rock am Ring festival
Visit Turkey and go hot air balooning in Caappadocia
Visit Pyramids of Giza
Go back to London and this time actually do London Eye and Stonehenge
Explore South African Republic thurally
Visit Russia (winter time!)
Visit Thailand
Visit Petra
Visit Japan
Visit Stockholm
Visit Cambodia
In general, spend at least six months in SEA
Visit Brasil
Visit Jamaica
Visit New Zealand…
…and backpack Te araroa trail
Walk Camino de Santiago de Compostella
Trek to Machu Picchu
Explore the wild life of Galapagos
Go rafting on some crazy (beautiful) river (Zambezi?)
Go on a Safari

a goal

Told you, it is loooong. But I guess that just means more things to look forward to.

Any suggestions of amazing experiences out there?

Love, love, love,