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Oh, wow. It has been two weeks since my last post. It has been almost three months since I opened this blog and it seems to me that 2015 has past in the blink of an eye. Time flies. Fast.  I hope you are having amazing holidays, no matter what your co-ordinates are.

If you are like me and  you are a bit of a romantic/dramatic soul that is all for changes and extremes, you probably like to get inspired. In order to do that I read, watch beautiful movies, read (travel) blogs and… Instagram.

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So, here we are. I mean, here I am. Sat in my room drinking coffee from my huge cup that says I love Canada. Simply because I do. And because I like coffee, too. Ok, I like big, goofy cups as well. But that’s not the point here. Point is-HERE I am. I just got back from amazing road-trip around Alberta, Canada. And I am about to stick my toes into desert sand for the third time this year. Life is good right now. Continue reading HOW HAS TRAVELLING CHANGED ME